Urban climate policy

23 Sep 2014 is the UN Climate Summit in NY. Following the old ‘think global, act local’ slogan, my health IT consultant and system dynamics modelling friend Jules Todd has called me out to help do something in Birmingham, UK.

On the 23rd we’re going to have a information party outside the council house with a poster exhibition a public discussion with politicians from each of the parties about or proposals for improvement.

My first thought is to come up with an effective replacement for the city’s current Low Carbon policy which currently only sets a target of 60% reduction in CO2 equivalents, depends on the national grid achieving the largest share of the needed savings and does not deal with commercial emissions.

Birmingham council’s sustainability strategy.

Afaik, Berlin has the most forward looking policy of any city in Europe, if not globally so I’m going to have to mug up on my long-obsolete german and talk to another friend, Cancel Kizletepe a former VW economist who’s now the Bundestag member for Kreutzberg.

I’ve had a chat with one of the councillors and am arranging to have a session with the council’s cabinet member responisible for sustainability and all green stuff, who turns out to be have been my local councillor for the past 3 years but I’d never heard of her.

Bristol possibly has the most advanced policy in the UK so if anybody knows, can get, read and summarise Bristol’s low carbon strategy I think that would be very useful.

If anybody has any suggestions they would be most welcome before our initial planning meeting is on Sep 7th.


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