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To open the place to record software, discussion, blog and wiki links, I have created the Academic publishing page, mainly from the material at my own page citations, and the following intro text:

The academic publishing is in crisis, but also at the time of great opportunities for the authorship and dissemination of knowledge. Indeed, people have rarely enough time and reward for quality refereeing, editors work mainly for free for highly priced and often noncooperative commercial publishers, libraries have no money to follow the raising journal subscriptions; there is lack of gurantee that the free services like arXiv will stay free, that old knowledge will be preserved. Now there are internet and cheap e-readers opening new possibilities; publishers perceive them also as a danger because of easy infringation of author’ rights. Here we also discuss academic evaluation practices, based on peer review and on the usage and measures of citation statistics, originality assesment and plagiarism discovery.


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    edited February 2012

    As Andrew Stacey points out, Azimuth isn't the optimal place for information about academic publishing. This is a huge issue which is important to a different (though not disjoint) set of people from the people interested in environmental problems.

    But, I don't mind people putting stuff here until a better wiki is set up. So far we have two pages on this:

    Academic publishers


    Tracing intellectual properties

    I hope Andrew or someone sets up a new wiki for publishing issues; then we can move this material there.

    In the meantime, one option is to create a new 'web', a kind of sub-wiki of Azimuth, devoted to academic publishing issues. That will make it easier to locate that material and move it when necessary.

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    I added

    category: publishing

    to the bottom of the page Academic publishing, and moved this thread here to the category Publishing.

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    edited January 2013

    Some updates at Academic Publishing including the Code of Pratice of EMS for authors, publishers, editors, referees and users of bibliometric data and a link to wikipedia entry about Aaron Swartz, the open access activist and his fate.

    Caring about common resources (including paper resources, money for public causes like science and atmosphere or free and honest dissemination of knowledge) may contribute to general shareness and responsibility attitude hence also in the project of "saving the Earth".

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