Azimuth Library

As per the conversation in this thread, I moved the topics list off the main page and reduced the complexity of the home page.

I created a new Azimuth Library page (yes, I know both words are caps, John, ;) I think of it as a proper name like Azimuth Project, if you disagree please feel free to change it, but I am trying to learn the new convention, this exception was intentional).

This page contains the list of problems Azimuth is trying to tackle as well as the list of topics with overview pages that were once on the home page.


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    edited January 2011

    (EDIT: my original comment here was based on a misimpression of what Curtis had done. Sorry!)

    I like the general idea. I have changed things a bit to make it easier to find stuff starting from Azimuth Project. This may not be necessary... ideally these links could be made a bit smaller and hover up near the very top of the page, or something.

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