Generally speaking, the cultivation this time had a considerable increase in his fighting streng


div>Cough.<br/><br/>  When Mu Chen was immersed in the increase of his strength, a gentle cough resounded before him. When he raised his head, he saw Nine Nether and the other two staring at him.<br/><br/>  When Mu Chen saw the gazes of those three, awkwardness instantly rose on his face. Although he was in his cultivation, he knew what was happening.<br/><br/>  He cast a glance on the ash on the ground. It was the remains of the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo, since the blood aura in it had been completely sucked dry.<br/><br/>  "Sorry about that, I did not know that it'd be so overbearing..." Mu Chen immediately apologised. After all, the four of them had a share in the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo and he had absorbed it in such an overbearing manner. It was naturally unfair for the three of them. Although he and Nine Nether wouldn't be bothered about this matter, he did not have that sort of deep relationship with Mo Feng and Mo Ling.<br/><br/>  "If we can find other treasures in the Divine Beast Origin, I'll use them to make it up for you guys."<br/><br/>  When Mo Feng and Mo Ling saw the apologetic expression on Mu Chen's face, the former did not speak, but was looking at the Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on Mu Chen's body, while the latter pouted her lips. "Okay, consider that you pass through this matter, we will not bicker with a whale like you."<br/><br/>  Mu Chen dryly smiled as he retrieved clothes, covering his body and also blocked out Mo Feng's gaze.<br/><br/>  Mo Feng retracted his gaze and cast a deep glance at Mu Chen. He had viewed the latter more in his heart. Initially, he had only maintained a bystander eye regarding the matter of Mu Chen's participation. That's because, in his view, even if Mu Chen managed to defeat both Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan, it didn't mean anything. The two of them weren't anything before him. But after the previous matter, he knew that Mu Chen had probably hidden quite a bit of stuff. So if he still viewed him with indifference, then it would mean that he was a fool.<br/><br/>  Perhaps with the participation of this person, they might truly be able to obtain an unexpected outcome in this trip to the Divine Beast Origin.<br/><br/>  "We're reaching the Divine Beast Origin!"<br/><br/>  As thoughts circulated in Mo Feng's mind, Nine Nether's voice had suddenly rung out.<br/><br/>  The three's hearts trembled before they raised their heads and saw that the endless belt of meteorites had finally come to an end. At the end of it was an endlessly massive ancient continent that floated in the void.<br/><br/>  This continent was filled with a desolate aura. Even if they were still far away, they were still shocked to the point that their breathing had frozen.<br/><br/>  Vaguely, there were innumerable ancient and powerful beast roars that resounded from the ancient times.<br/><br/>  They'd finally reached the Divine Beast Origin.<br/><br/>  Previous Chapter<br/><br/>  Next Chapter  As dazzling light blossomed before Mu Chen, he could see the massive continent in the light.<br/><br/>  The continent was extremely massive, even if Mu Chen was still in the sky, he still couldn't see the end of it, and the entire continent was emitting a desolate and boundless aura.<br/><br/>  "This is the Divine Beast Origin?"<br/><br/>  Mu Chen murmured to himself. In the ancient times, many experts have gathered in this region of the entire Divine Beast Continent, gathering twenty to thirty percent of the pinnacle existences of the Spiritual Beast Realm. Thus causing the attention of the Fiend Clans and they had swiftly descended destruction upon it, directly causing the Spiritual Beast Realm to heavily suffer in an instant.<br/><br/>  "Mhm?"<br/><br/>  As Mu Chen sighed with admiration in his heart, his pupils had suddenly contracted as he looked at the Divine Beast Origin with a smear of astonishment on his face.<br/><br/>  Because the Divine Beast Origin was located in the void, he had a massive view and Mu Chen could see a crater that was a few million feet in size on the Divine Beast Origin. Looking from the sky, one could see an indescribably massive palm print.<br/><br/>  That palm looked like it had descended from the sky as it tore this Divine Beast Orig

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