Server media push sample

This video, which is the 2010 dxdt on the entire volumetric data was pushed out of the server, without any desktop participation:

Server Push: dxdt 2010

Django and Celery backbone manage the entire push, we are adding some editors for researher's like John who might want to modify some code and look at the results a) do not want to become programming experts, b) do not want to copy 150M of data each time to their laptops and back to the server!

The data entirely lies on the server, the crack programmers do the scripts that are most frequently used, the server itself copies the data from NASA and NOAA, John could then on a laptop with reasonable internet access could modify and run scripts on very large data, and scripts might take hours! On-demand or scheduled.

Currently we support Mathematica, Python and C, probably we could add R if really needed in future.

It will take a while to fine-tune it for the needs here, but a good start


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