Clustering Volumetric Data: Surface Temps 2010

Clustering algorithm on surface temps volumetric grid:

Cluster Surface Temps 2010

Download video:

Cluster Surface Temps 2010 DOWNLOAD

7 clusters, Euclidean metric (we could use many other metrics).

John this is an example how we could apply machine learning algorithms to volumetric data. We could run many algorithms and track their results graphically to understand some behaviour of the weather system.

Paul Note the Himalays region got clustered rather separately!!!!

Daniel some of your patterns are differentiating boundaries between two clusters, so IMHO they are fundamental to data, I cannot say they are artefacts of any rendering or scaling.



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    Graham had some R code that computed correlation between segments of data, and he was taking some sort of averages to reduce dimensionality of the grid, I do not think we need to do that. So he could now think of correlation as a METRIC and cluster or computer Nearest Neighbour or compute Similarity and do so without any averaging at all.

    In deed following that programming idea he had, we could apply many other metrics as opposed to just the Correlation. So as a matter of fact most statistical operations could be thought of either as metrics of specific kind, or smoothing functions of specific kind.


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