Slicer export to youtube

Hello John and hello to everyone

I read Nad had opened many browser windows to visualize the time data for surface temperatures. So I wrote a slicer that slices the volumetric grid data (4D) and exported into CDF but it became too large. Then I exported into a compressed video of the flipbook style animation of the Slicer:

Slicer: dxdt

You can clearly see Daniel Mahler's patterns without any moving averages any other filtering. Looks like a standing-pattern!!!

Slicer: dydt

Clearly you can see waving horizontally.

John those derivative filters are actual continuous derivative along x,y and t, once the grid data is splined along those axes. If you like these we could program the server to acquire all these volumetric data and turn them into youtube video streams (or actual downloads) for easier viewing.



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    Apology about the advertisement junk, very embarrassing, if this is used by the group here we will buy a private clean account

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    It's looking nice!

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    Thanx Jacob!

    Machine Learning algorithms should run on these sorts of filters as opposed to the raw data, clearly the patterns are discernible once proper filters are applied and analyzed.

    Mathematically we could design our own filters and apply to the volumetric data and visualize in large quantities to detect patterns to model.


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