I have added a new category to the Azimuth Wiki:


Please write

category: publishing

at the bottom of any page that's about publishing, journals, intellectual property, arXiv overlays, peer review, and/or related issues connected to Math 2.0.

This material does not really belong on the Azimuth Wiki, at least according to the current definition of Azimuth... but I don't mind having it here until a better wiki is created.

Here are all the choices of categories for Azimuth Wiki pages:

action, area of research, biodiversity, biology, blog, books, carbon, climate, computational methods, contributors, earth science, ecology, energy, experiments, geoengineering, mathematical methods, members, meta, methodology, methods, natural resources, oceans, organizations, other, people, personal, physics, plans, publishing, reading, reports, social sciences, software, statistical methods, sustainability, things to do, visualization

You can see this list of categories [[here]] too, and by clicking on any item you can see all the pages in that category. One page should have the same name as the category, and it should explain that category!

We have agreed that when anyone starts a new page on the Azimuth Wiki, they will:

1) assign it a category by writing

category: ---------

at the bottom of that page. (Here -------- stands for some category.)

2) announce the creation of the page in a comment here. Your comment should contain a link to that page. Every comment here has some 'category', and you should choose the same category for your comment as you did for your new page.

Please do not invent new categories without getting everyone here to agree on it first.

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