The River Returns - A Assortment of Tanka poems


div>1She hears the voiceof unrealized bliss inthe coos of koelat the window sill this eveningrains love and delight2His message to meetat moon rise among the flowerssparkles a secreton her smiling face passionglows with charming fervor3She is no moon yetshe drifts like the moon, will take careof him from the sky--meets him for brief, waxingleaves him for a lengthy, waning4Before going to bedshe seems to be too sad to haveany sweet dream:the lonely lamp glints no loveand no star peeks via the curtains5Yearning to meet himshe turns a silk-worm spinninglove-silk in cold night--stands in a shade melting tearslike a candle, drop by drop6Stains of dried dewytears on the eyelids inform ofthe load on her mind:clothed in spring the willow twigsreveal the transformed relation7Locked in the shadowsof unrolled curtains her lovein the lone boudoir:she plays tunes on the guitarflowers fade at the windows8She senses all thingschanging as she passes throughthe city yet again:should I depart the previous residence orlie in the grave ahead of death9Twisting tasselsround her finger fears comingof night in bed:octopus grips the bodyand buckles into disgrace10At the rivershe folds her arms and legsresting her headupon the knees and sitsas an island11Is it her quietusthat she roars in herselflike a seawaves upon wavesleaps on herself?12Gods could not modify the rhythmof the entire body and its wants:erotic scars stick--soon after three decades adore wavestense the flesh and rock the night13When the sun is eroticand the moon lyricthe winds turn tempestuousin the orbit of lovelegs slide by calls of nature14Before the foamywater could sting her vulvaa jelly fish passedthrough the crotch making her shy--the sea whispered a new song15Swirling spiralof her skirt spills tides of dreamand memory:I breathe fire in the danceforgetting bends and twists16When I wanted to changeseats my pal explained she canonly if the door's lockedthe light out and her momin another city17When I inhale inyour mouth and exhale strokinghair or caressingI ride you into joy andmake you hail morning like earth18Life limits betweenwhence the sun rises and whereit goes to relax:joys of a fleeting momentI see Aditi in your eyes19When I have no homeI seek refuge in the cageof your heart and closemy eyes to see with your nipplesthe tree that cared to conserve from sun20The smile you weave splitsthe sun I drop my directionin clouds that coverthe banks darkening the whiteof the lake moon kissed21Winter is caught inwaves of narrow discussionsunder the blanketfingers move by nipples erectwithout sensing consummation22Drinking evening starblue green patterns just before eyesno meditationno god visits to forgivethe sinning soul in solitude23Exhausted she sleepsunaware of my presencethis warm evening carefreeI croon my spring song aloneand fill the void with new dreams24As I repose inthe wrinkles of her faceI truly feel her crimsonglow in my eyes her holyscent inside a sea of peace25The room has herpresence every minuteI really feel she speaksin my deepsilently26Love is the effluxfrom her physique spreadingparabolic hue--enlightens the self I mergein her glowing presence27Looking at her facefor the glint of her nosepinor rise of renkuthey could not finish but formin their eyes together28Your vacant eyesreveal this city:dim, humid, absent-mindedorchestrates bronchial noises'quake in the face29Living in dust smokeand white darkness I knowI just flicker--stand alone like a lighthouselost in the fog of seashore30What ought to I doabout the morningsthat couldn't be:now fog controlsappearance of the sun31Breathing pipe chokedwith coloured dust celebratespring in coalfield:the moon mocks my nightly plightI search for the inhaler32The chilly wind blowsto freeze my feet and fingerstonight I can't riseand silence the whisperingsstorming the vacant room33Ghosts rise to matein moonlight tear the tombsfrighten with fingersrhino horns rock the centregranite sensation34I lost my sleepover a thought I could notmake my own:the sun's antidote changedthe voice of the wind35Sleeps the evening withdesires wrapped in blanket--spring in the eyesgods could not change the rhythmof the body and its needs36Drugs will not diagnose solet's kiss our sneezesinto every other and stopworrying about repressionnecessary or surplus37Watching the waveswith him she makes an anglein contemplation:green weed and white foam breakon the beach with falling mood38Crazy these peopledon't know how to godown with

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