Leng Tong laughed coldly and continued in a unusual voice. "Three Saint realm professionals of the I


div>The second these phrases came out, everyone's faces became exceptionally ugly.<br/><br/>  Chi Tian Feng forced a smile onto his encounter and shook his head. "Brother Leng, you may be aware of this, but the issue that that Venerable Mei used was the Saint King Drugs left behind by the 1st Saint King of Tian Fa. It allows the user's power to increase explosively by at least ten occasions or far more! At that time, we saw ourselves that she'd consumed three of these tablets with each other, making it possible for her to burst forth with this kind of terrifying power. In addition, there was the lightning tribulation which worked to her benefit, resulting in this kind of an ending. Soon after this, there absolutely will not be another case of a person capable of transcending realms and obtaining victory like that. Venerable Mei is the only one who managed to defy all logic and attain this kind of an unbelievable feat!"<br/><br/>  "You hardly ever stain your feet in the affairs of the mortal planet and place all your heart into cultivation steadfastly. This is anything that I have always admired drastically about you. Nonetheless... instances have altered. The Font-Loving AI What type of strength has our three Holy Lands reached now? Could it be that we even now want to carry on relying on some Xuan Beasts that doesn't know anything at all to shield us? People are the rightful rulers of the globe because the starting-the wisest of all creatures! But if we want animals to protect us every time... how could this be endured?!"<br/><br/>  "I naturally recognize your level, and I can empathize with it. As a human myself, I, Leng Tong, have my pride as nicely. I, too, am unwilling to depend on anyone not from the human race to battle towards the odd races. But even if we no longer demand Tian Fa's power, do we actually require to force them into a corner and wipe them out? Have you all forgotten about how Tian Fa sacrificed to safe the security of the continent all these years? Now that we've grown stronger, are we going to kick them aside?"<br/><br/>  Leng Tong continued huffily. "Not making use of their strength in the War for Seizing the Heavens is one particular matter, but declaring war against them is yet another matter entirely! Could it be that just due to the fact we don't want them to participate in the subsequent War for Seizing the Heavens that we need to annihilate them completely?!"<br/><br/>  "As humans, we naturally have our pride! But there is another point that all of you, my Saint brothers, need to know. The most precious issue about being a human is that compared to beasts, we possess anything named a conscience! Proper now, we're personally moving to slay the comrades who've proven us great kindness and aided us drastically for far more than ten,000 years. Haha... dare I inquire everybody, can we nevertheless be referred to as people?"<br/><br/>  "We do not want to do this either. But people wild beasts of Tian Fa are just as well basic-minded! Even if they know that we don't require them anymore, they would even now rush to the Pillar of Heavens Mountains! Even if we heap burning satire and freezing irony on them, those dumb Xuan Beasts would still feel that we're praising them..."<br/><br/>  Chen Chong explained in a depressed tone. "I will give you an example. It truly is mentioned that one,500 many years ago, our 3 Holy Lands had been at an unprecedented peak, not inferior to our current level. That 12 months, we no longer essential Tian Fa's support. The palace lord at the time went and told the Tian Fa Saint King: 'We have full self confidence in winning this fight by ourselves this time. As the saying goes, there is no want to use an ox cleaver to kill a chicken. Lord Saint King is a lofty figure, so there's no want for you to dirty your hands in this battle. Why will not you deliver your army and return? We will by no means fail to remember the kindness and support you have rendered to us these past 10,000 years!' People words had currently clearly conveyed their intentions to exclude Tian Fa from participating in the War for Seizing the Heavens. But the Saint King of Tian Fa in fact replied: 'Don't worry about it. We can talk about kindness and all that things following the battle. This time, we shall destroy the unusual races till their blood flows like a river. Isn't it mo

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