Bridging the greenhouse-gas emissions gap

Here is a new and interesting plan of action pointed out to me by Manjana Milkoreit:

Bridging the greenhouse-gas emissions gap is a paper on how to hold global warming to 2 °C:

According to the authors, we need to cut CO2 emissions by about 12 gigatonnes/year by 2020 to hold global warming to 2 °C. After the UN climate conference in Copenhagen, many countries made pledges to reduce CO2 emissions... but by 2020 these pledges will cut emissions by at most 6 gigatonnes/year. Even worse, the confirmed value of all these pledges is only 3 gigatonnes/year.

How can we bridge the gap? That's what this paper is about. The authors list 21 things that cities, large companies and individual citizens could do to cut greenhouse gas emisssions by the equivalent of 10 gigatonnes/year of CO2 by 2020. For each thing on the list, they claim:

  1. there is a concrete starting position from which a significant up-scaling until the year 2020 is possible;

  2. there are significant additional benefits besides a reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions, so people can be driven by self-interest or internal motivation, not external pressure;

  3. there is an organization or combination of organizations that can lead the initiative;

  4. the initiative has the potential to reach an emission reduction by about 0.5 Gt CO2e by 2020.

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